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In my timeline there are posts by people marked either from "Friendica" or "Friendica (AP)". Is there any advantage on the one or the other? And if so - how do I enable ActivityPub?
@Friendica Support
It is enabled. As far as I know you cannot disable it.
If both sides are on a recent Friendica version they will most likely communicate via AP.
Ha, I just saw that it's the exact opposite when I look at this thread on your node:

So it's already active on current master I guess. Thanks!
Your own local posts always are displayed as 'Friendica'.
You literally are the combo breaker in this specific conversation. I don't understand anything.
I referred to "And forum threads are displayed as "Friendica" no matter who answers."
Yes, and you're the first one in the conversation whose posts show as "Friendica (AP)" instead of just "Friendica".
Not even all my comments appears with the same network name...
It's some timing thing which message arrives first. Due to the nature of AP, we always do send public comments to all of our followers. So when you post something to a forum, then the forum will spread it under its followers, but you also distribute your comment to your followers. While the first one is done via DFRN, the last one is done via AP.
Black magic. I knew it.