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Worker queue question

Dear @Friendica Support

I just re-built my nose and the worker queue keeps growing and growing, currently around 6.000 items. In-between it goes down slightly by 20-30 items, but afterwards it grows back again. I already rose the load to 40.

Is that normal?

How often do you call the worker from the crontab? How much parallel workers have you setup?

Every five minutes.

And up to 20 parallel worker processes.

Yes, it is the expected behaviour after a downtime. Over time, depending on the avail-able resources, the queue should go down to normal values.

If you have not enabled the "fastlane" worker yet, do so. It should ensure that jobs about conversations are processed in time, bypassing the other queued tasks. As Michael mentioned, the parameters to adjust, alongside the LOAD, is the frequency of the cron call, and the number of parallel workers, which should also depend on the avail-able resources of the system.

Maybe try this in your mysql/maridab conf as well. It speeded up my friendica