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DE: Ich habe ein Gemini Server (mit Jetforce) aufgesetzt. Bis jetzt hat es kein Inhalt.
EN: I setup a Gemini Server (using Jetforce). There is not any content yet.

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The two clients I tried were kristall (in C++ which you have to compile, but fortunately there were no problems here) and Lagrange which has an AppImage. I like Lagrange better, but I didn't care for the color scheme. Fortunately you can change it. I haven't figured out how to make bookmarks yet.

There are several possible servers. Jetforce looked the most polished. It also has to be built (Python3). But this went smoothly. If you have SystemD, there is also a .system example to run it as a service. So you can get it running in twenty minutes if you don't run into problems.
I learned a new term, "TOFU", but in my case I already had LetsEncrypt certificates.

The syntax of ".gmi" files can be compared to MarkDown but it is even simpler.
Thanks! I was looking in the hamburger menu.

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